Ad Copy Writing Samples

by sgwagner

The following short descriptions were written in January and February 2012 as a freelance project for a local firm which represents a number of consumer goods manufacturers to a gigantic online retailer.

‘Rainbow Divine’ Lei
The first rainbow was a divine sign, so calling this rainbow lei “divine” may be an example of redundancy. Regardless of whether or not we’re repeating ourselves, the rainbow still signifies something good, like, say, a luau.

Coconut Shell Bra Top
Admit it, you’ve always wanted to endow yourself with a Hawaiian-hot little coconut shell number like this one. According to experts polled on the subject, this is ladies’ traditional luau garb at its finest. There’s more we could say, but not here.

Green Leaf Lei
Longing for a lifestyle change? This extra-long lei’s so long on the leafy greens you may get blindsided by a tropical wave of good health.

Beach Bum Cowboy Hat
Island, mainland or inland, beach bums are everywhere; rare among their numbers, however, are the cowboy kind. Ride to their statistical rescue in this wrangler-worthy straw cowboy hat.

Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler
With conceptual inspirations ranging from kiddy pools to the Vegas strip, this theme-building beverage cooler may have an inflated sense of its own importance. You’d feel important too if people mobbed you for hours on end like that.

Disco Doorway Curtain
This decorative idea probably comes from somewhere in Egypt, like maybe Cleopatra’s hairdo, but the fashion really took off in the 70’s, across that doorway leading into the hallway from the rec room. In other words, a 70’s party is the perfect party for this curtain of music notes, foil starbursts, and “70’s Disco” headline cutouts suspended across the door.

Disco Boogie Squares Scene Setter Room Roll
Disco was originally like psychedelic rock for people with jobs, so it shares a color scheme with the tie-dye crowd; lucky for us it’s also a happy party pallet. Baby, put away the pink, white or blue collar, get your sequins on and boogie away those day-job kinks.

Disco Happy Birthday Border Banner Roll
What could be better than a Disco Birthday Party? We think maybe a Disco Birthday Party surrounded by a border you don’t need to patrol, and all your friends gettin’ down with the fever that doesn’t need a cure. Catch the fever!

Sweet Little Cupcake Girl 1st Birthday Eco Party Plates
Make the sweetest first birthday for the little gal with a design that’s baby-precious and toddler-perfect. Dote on her with dots, scallops in two kinds of pink, violet, robin-egg blue and sweet-pea green. Speaking of green, these 100% recycled 10-1/2 inch paper plates keep the event earth-friendly while holding enough lunch for the grown-ups and providing sufficient surface area for the little one to create some (sugar-) high art.

The Party Continues “Over the Hill” Luncheon Napkins
Go ahead–do it up right with a full compliment of matching tableware and décor. The Party Continues “Over The Hill” coordinating Luncheon Napkins are a must-have whether the guest of honor is turning 30, 100 or some in-between age known only to their mother and the IRS.