Southtowne Bakery at P.C. Market of Choice

by sgwagner

Your Perfect Wedding Cake: As Close as the Corner Market

by Sheryl Sandberg

Home of Southtowne Bakery, P.C. Market of Choice is a unique supermarket. They quote literature here. On the wall above the bakery is the following from G. B. Shaw: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Food and love make a merry match in a place like this. Personally, I think Shakespeare’s Orsino was on the wrong track: “the food of love” is not music, but wedding cake!

Whether a bride favors traditional sweetness, modern elegance or a sense of whimsy, cake decorators at Southtowne happily apply their expertise, flexibility and creativity to customers’ wishes. Decorator Linda Potter enjoys designing cakes as well as decorating them. Popular looks this year, she observes, are minimalistic, featuring smooth, borderless icings and fresh flower toppers. She enjoys delighting customers by blending their aesthetic wishes with practical suggestions, such as ordering a smaller tier showcase cake along with a matching sheet cake for more convenient serving and less expense. Lovely extras such as whipped cream or fresh fruit fillings add only a little in cost to the already affordable prices.

In its unpretentious location since 1988, Southtowne is an established source for high-quality, great-tasting, budget-friendly cakes. Cake decorators Mary Haller and Holly Harry have both been with Southtowne for about 10 years, providing creativity and continuity. Having sampled Southtowne’s cakes myself, I heartily affirm their outstanding reputation.

While the decorators produce fabulous wedding cakes, Bakery and deli Supervisor Debbie Brancato exhibits their handiwork out in the community, displaying Southtowne’s fine edible artistry at both of Eugene’s premier annual bridal shows: Emerald City Bridal Show in January at Lane County Fairgrounds, and Eugene’s Bridal Show in February at Eugene Hilton.

Those in the market for the food of love (i.e. wedding cake) should stop by Southtowne for a list of offerings. Make an appointment with a decorator, bring your ideas, browse through photos of wedding cakes past and sample the cake of your future.

You’ll find Southtowne Bakery in P.C. Market of Choice (previously known as Price Chopper), at Willamette Plaza, 2858 Willamette Street, (541) 338-8455; and at Delta Oaks Shopping Center, 1060 Green Acres Road, (541) 344-1901. This year, new locations will also appear in Cottage Grove, Ashland and Eugene on Franklin Boulevard.

Reprinted by the author. Originally published in The Bridal Connection magazine, Eugene/Southern Oregon edition, Summer 2000 issue.